About you and me


Young woman from 33 years old with brown/blonde hair, blue eyes, luscious, sexy regard innocent, with a beautiful ass it seems ! Voluptuous shapes, shapely buttocks…I have a strong libido and I am insatiable, I'm hot most of the time, that's why one day I chose this job and I don't regret !

I am very open minded, we can talk about everything or not talk at all if you are too shy or just want an animal date !!! I am of a relaxed nature, I know how to relax you and make you forget the daily stress…

I do not like :

-receive from sodomy

-kisses/licks in the ear

-the fingers/licking in the navel

Dressed in sexy dress or jeans, high heels or sneakers, naked under a coat or just in fine lingerie, I can adapt to your expectations, just express them.

Discretion and respect for privacy are part of the watchwords of my job..

To go further in the discovery, you can find me on social networks and some photo/video subscription sites…All my links here


I like men who take initiative, who know what they want.
But also punctual, fresh breath (smokers : thank you for taking a little Tic Tac!), taking care of them, of any ethnicity.

Age doesn't matter to me, you only have to be of legal age.

I like gentlemen, I started a few years ago in London, where I discovered the true meaning of this word !

Hygiene is very important to me, I hope it is for you too. Thank you for having short nails and clearing a minimum with the mower your parts !!!

Be my lover for an hour, the day, around lunch or dinner, an outing to a libertine club or simply an intimate and cozy evening at your hotel.

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