What gift to give me ?

If you want to please me with a little attention here are some ideas…

I'm really greedy, more salty than sweet. I love cheese.

I drink a lot of tea, I particularly like smoked teas, black teas with almond notes, vanilla, caramel.

I very occasionally drink alcohol but I am very picky about it. Right now I'm a total fan of gin Birdie Timut.

I like Bordeaux red wine 2015, Nuit Saint Georges red burgundies, etc.

I love plants, cut or potted flowers.

If you want to give me a book, ask me in advance, I'll tell you what makes me happy.

If you want to see me wear a particular dress or lingerie, I do 42 bottom and 95C top.

My favorite lingerie brands are Aubade, Lise Charmel, brothels, Agent Provocateur.

39 for the shoes be careful I have a very wide foot !

Always lacking inspiration or too far from me ?

Want to let me fall for a beautiful set of lingerie ? send me a Glamuse gift card!

My birthday is the 22 Mars.

If you want to donate to me in cryptocurrency you can send me :

BTC : 1H4CmfGn6npg3NTnUCFrnqDxTfdWx9e9CX
BNB : bnb16hk0axlmp5wlxma6dkht4qqy3zaveujymqqgmz MEMO : 213086621
CRO : 0xF6863907ad17Ad80311a03572bFB9F45a6b61c06

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