I went on the radio !

To all those who bug me because I don't answer calls and they want to hear my voice to be reassured that I'm not a fake or a guy, your wishes are granted! You can listen to me in this episode of the superb program Les pieds sur terre from France Culture.

It was about talking about our outing and the reaction of our loved ones to this announcement. So first the testimony of a colleague, then mine, then my mother arrives at my house…yes she knows ! On the other hand, don't fantasize about my mom's voice instead of mine., i see you coming !!

Podcast : Whore politics

As part of his documentary series Intime et Politique, Nouvelles Ecoutes gives the floor to the TDS… Ocean realized, with “The Politics of Whores”, an immersive investigation in which he hands the microphone to sex workers. They say the stigma, marginalization, insecurity, systemic violence but also resources and empowerment. For them, the intimate is resistance. ten episodes of 30 min for break down prejudice.

To listen, listen again, reflect, then listen again to get it right!!!!



The Fucking Podcast

“As indicated by his name, this podcast focuses on sex workers in prostitution. The aim of the podcast is to offer a speaking time of one hour to a TDS or ex TDS.

Through this much longer format than what we are used to hearing, I hope to be able to offer you portraits that extract themselves from the usual binary vision that we draw up of our existences. (the victim to be saved or the liberated woman who assumes).
Our paths and our lives are plural, our choices are sometimes limited but our suffering should no longer be used against us in order to decide for us what is best for us.

I hope that the portraits proposed in the podcast will be able to better understand our struggles to the public who listens to us and who supports us.”

Lubna, creator of the Putain de Podcast.

For my part, I contacted her and maybe I will testify one day…

Thanks to her and good listening !