The stranger on the train

I very often take the Paris Granville train, I always sit away from children, at a table where there are four seats. Last time you were sitting across the hall, I watched you out of the corner of my eye, and I feel like you are too. I was coming back from a very busy Parisian weekend, i felt the sex. Even more than usual.

How shy men are sometimes. I felt that you wanted me. It's my job to cause this in you. After an hour's journey, I've had it up to here, I want to. I know the toilets are giant on these trains…let's go! How to approach you? It would still be easier if you took the first step but you don't seem decided and I soak my panties imagining how you're going to take me.

Well I'm leaving, I get up and sit down in front of you.

I notice a wedding ring on your ring finger. It excites me even more. As I often say it is not because there is a goalkeeper that we cannot score!

“Bonjour, I wanted to tell you that I've been watching you for a while now and I want you”

Yes I am a very cash person. Those who know me know. Too cash sometimes, Short, make or break at worst I sit back in my seat like a dog being yelled at because he smashed the foam on the sofa.

You blush and look down at your wedding ring. I spread the edges of my cleavage a little towards my pink nipples and hardened by the excitement of such a situation. I feel like you're going to pass out, fortunately you are already seated!

Then you stutter “uh bah uh how so? I can do anything for you?”

Aaaaaah the sesame is open, I jump in my seat, my clit wiggles in my already soaked panties…

“well yes we could go for a walk to the toilet?”

You look in the rest of the car,there is nobody, no one will witness…


30 seconds of silence, I gently go up my pumps along your leg, you give in very quickly I don't have time to get to the knee you tell me “OK, let's go”

Here we are in the toilet, a lady saw us go home but hey we weren't going to turn around because of her! You kiss me passionately and I put a condom directly on your red and hard glans. Your cock is beautiful too! Good pick! Very wide and not too long as I like.

“Fuck me like a female dog in a train toilet”

“Rholala but am I dreaming or what”

No you are not dreaming, it's really me in the flesh who offers you my vulva doggy style with my hands resting on the sink, I'm trembling with impatience.

You finally come inside me and get high as I like but the excitement is very strong and our relationship only lasts a few minutes…you cum inside me with spasms and a little roar from the bottom of the balls.

We will sit down quietly. I ask you where you get off. turn. I couldn't have dreamed of better, we still have more than an hour to go!

As I hoped after 30 minutes it's your turn to come to me. “we go back?”

no problem kitten, I'm a whore I have an unlimited stock of condoms!

This time it's longer, you lick me and I suck you, i love your cock, your wife is lucky.

We end up missionary on the ground, I know it's a bit gross but I didn't lick the floor either!!!

I don't have your name, or your number, I hope to see you again one day…at least you won't be shy anymore…


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