The job interview

I move to his place of work, ask for instructions so as not to be noticed too much : Sexy underneath but looking like a working girl outdoors…I'm going to have to pretend I'm having a job interview as a secretary for an accounting firm…It excites me so much, my pussy wriggles at the thought of spending this “maintenance”, I often wanted to negotiate thanks to my charms to get a job, let's act out this fantasy…

I arrive and announce the first and last name agreed together to the secretary with a rounded belly, I understand better, job interviews are really taking place at this time in this company to replace her maternity leave, what a godsend !

I wait in front of a desk for a few minutes, I'm terribly excited to find out. A man leaves accompanied by a candidate, he thanks her and shakes my hand, piercing me with his blue-green eyes. He is tall forty, grizzled in a suit, I want to jump on him but I keep my calm, he gives me my envelope and we start the interview…I do not have a CV and to compensate for this thoughtlessness on my part, I open a few buttons of my white shirt to let him see the white lace basque that I put on especially for him..”Interesting what about your academic background ?” I get up, turn my back on her and bend down to show her my stockings under my suit skirt.…I didn't wear panties, I rarely wear it...”Ah, you stopped at the license…I see and what are your motivations ?” I then approach him, lightly roll his chair to get him off the desk and unzip his pants to directly swallow his already hard cock, I linger on my glans and start to pick up the pace…my qualities and my faults? I am looking forward. I put the condom on him and lean over his desk as if to type on the keyboard of his computer to show him my outstanding typing skills.…He enters me and takes me wildly, I try not to make too much noise but it's so good that my moans are getting louder and he puts his hand over my mouth…I feel his spasms of pleasure as he squeezes my hips. I think I got the job hands down, can't wait for my first day at work!

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