MYM : Subscribe for more videos and pics of me uncensored!

Recently, some of my followers warned me that someone was using my photos to make money by sending them as “nude”… Once reported, I was able to chat with this person who made more than 1000 € on my image and in addition told me : “even if you were ugly I won well with you” . Nice.

Following this hacking of my photos and videos that I put in free access on my Twitter account, I decided to create an account Meet Your Model

The principle is simple, you subscribe for 10€ per month or 60€ per year and you have access to exclusive uncensored content from me and my various partners, or me alone. This site takes part of the profits but assures me that my content will not be pirated. I will post there at least twice a week..

Good for you, all good for this new year.

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