The Barman

The world is small ! On my November tour, I went for a drink in the bar where one of my biggest Twitter followers works (@moureuxdusexe)…he put words to our hazardous encounter :

I am bartender. It is Monday. It's around 8 p.m....
There are few people, Mondays are always pretty quiet.
I finish washing the workstation by putting the last bottles back when two young women enter. I greet them, they answer me nicely, they look at the board on which the beers are written… We have little-known beers, so they ask me to help them choose, so far nothing unusual. I recommend them, we make a few jokes as is often done in a bar, they rule, take their beers and go sit at a table.
One of them reminds me of someone, but I see a lot of people in the bar, so I don't pay much attention to it.

I continue my little business, I serve other customers, the routine… From time to time I take a look around the room to make sure everything is fine, and I confess, I look at the two young women, they intrigue me, and are quite pretty...
And there, I have a flash.
I take my laptop, I connect on Twitter, I usually don't do it when I'm working, it could distract me… I have an access account on sex and women, a pleasure account… I quickly look for Mia's profile and I read that she is in my city for a few days because she has a few appointments with clients and in her last post she says that after her clients she is going to have a drink with a friend/colleague to end the day well…

Whore, Mia More is in my bar !!

Okay, it's not Brad Pitt or the Queen of England, but frankly it has the same effect on me. I've been following her for quite a while on her account and I love this chick, but then really ! His body, his mind, his fights, his profession… I like everything !

I see her getting up and approaching the bar. Then, I panic, like she knew i was on her profile spying on her, or something stupid in the genre… Yes I know it’s nonsense, but like i said, I panic…
Of course she comes just to recommend two drinks, I have the impression of liquefying myself and of not being able to speak, in fact it is more than an impression, that's really what I'm doing... No, but seriously, I must look like a jerk...
OK, I'll stay professional., I do my job (like a handle), she talks to me a little, "It's quiet on Mondays, you don't bother too much ?’’, me like a sucker I answer something like, ''yes yes, finally no no, well yes it depends…”
Pffff, anything me...
She pays, tell me thank you, and I answer "Thank you Mia".
Ok, it's cooked, in the discrete genre I will come back…
She looks at me a little surprised, smiles at me and leaves with the glasses. It's crazy the effect she has on me. I'm pretty comfortable in general but here I feel like a kid from 9 years all intimidated.

I do what I can not to look in his direction, but it is not obvious, she faces me. But it is okay, she also looks at me and smiles at me from time to time. Very good !
I continue my work, other customers come and go, some regulars also pass. Always routine...
And now she comes back. She takes me two glasses of the same beer, obviously they like it, I advised well, It reassures me. And then she asks me, "How do you know my name ?’’
I tell her I'm sorry, his name came out on its own just now, I tell her that I follow her on Twitter and that when I saw her I had a doubt so I checked and that now I felt a little stupid. She is too nice, she tells me that I have no reason to feel stupid and that she was happy that I followed her account and that it always makes her happy to have this effect on a man. We talk a little more, I thank her for being so nice, she thanks me for being nice, this kind of endless thanks… And I offer him the glasses to make up for being clumsy.

After their three halves, they get up to leave, they say goodbye to me and Mia wishes me good luck for the end and asks me if I will close late, I tell him that on Mondays in general it is quite calm and that there is a good chance that I will close around 11:30 p.m. or midnight. She says good luck to me again and they leave.
I feel too happy, I want to put on Twitter that I just met her and that I'm so happy, I might do it when I get home after closing. But really I'm so happy to have met her in person !

As expected, I close the bar around 11:30 p.m./midnight. More than cleaning to do and I can go back and tweet that she came to the bar, and I will take the opportunity to do as often, enjoy looking at their photos and videos.
Towards the end of my household, it's knocking at the door. I will see, often other bartenders come when their bar closes for a little drink of debauchery, but this time it's not that, this time, it's Mia...

She asks me if she can come in, I mumble a yes, she enters…
She tells me that she liked that I recognized her and that I made her understand. Once again I apologize. So she answers me “you can continue to apologize or we can do a lot of other things if you prefer…”
I am hot, I'm really hot !!
She is dressed, how to say, ''normally'', jeans, a hoodie, des baskets ; but strangely I see her with heels, stockings, a garter belt and a bra… I think it’s probably because of Twitter…
And then she inspires me that, I love the pictures of her body so much, especially the ones on which she is in sexy outfit. Her body is sexy !
The problem is that while I'm thinking all this in my head, I do not say anything. She tells me if I'm not interested she can leave.
'' no, no, not at all... Sorry. Yes I would love to do a lot of other things.

She smiles at me and walks towards the bar. She asks me if we can have a little drink together. Of course we can, in what world could I refuse such an offer !
We drink our little glass, we talk a bit. I take this opportunity to congratulate her on her behalf and that I find her brilliant. After a moment, not that long, she tells me she's getting excited...
I've been excited since I recognized her...
I ask him to wait two seconds. I go down to the reserve and I take 200 euros in tips (I will have to remember to put them back before sharing them with my colleague…) and I go up. Mechanically I put myself back behind the bar, and I put the money on the counter… She smiles at me again, I love her smile… I tell her that I don't have condoms, and she replies that she always has it on her, that she always has several on her… Not only am I excited, but it's starting to harden harshly in my jeans.

Without saying anything, she takes off her sweatshirt. She wears nothing underneath, she is topless.
Damn I love her tits. She goes around the bar and comes to stick against me to kiss me. We kiss languidly, as languidly as possible, I want to fully savor this moment !
She takes the package from me with the whole hand, she must have felt that I was hard with her pelvis glued to mine, she goes up and down her hand along my cock through the jeans, too good. I put my hands on her ass to grab her. It's like a dream come true.
I take off my T-Shirt, I want to feel her breasts on my skin. We kiss like teenagers, a fiery and passionate kiss, our hands go everywhere on our bodies, finally especially mine on hers… She opens my fly and plunges her hand in it to grab my cock. I'm so tough, she makes me so hard !
I take off my belt and unbutton my jeans. She looks me in the eye and smiles at me, but not a polite smile like before, no, it's a lustful smile, pig, almost indecent...
‘’Ok, i will suck you, I want it…''
I love this sentence.
She gets down on her knees, drop my pants, my dick stands straight in front of her, she takes it, the motion looking me in the eyes with this gritty smile before putting my cock in his mouth.
It's a bit tricky, I'd like to explain what it's like to be in Mia's mouth, but I'm not sure I'll get there... It's so fucking good. She sucks perfectly, ideally I would say… My penis is already very hard, but every time she shoves it in her mouth down to her throat, I have the feeling that it continues to grow, I feel it full of desire. There I say to myself, "damn I have the dick in the mouth of Mia More. Mia More is sucking me
I know it's a bit stupid to say his full name like that, but me it excites me… That said, I don't need to be more excited than I already am.
She goes back and forth with her mouth. I place my hands on his head, i want to feel manly. I lower my hands to her breasts, I want to knead them as much as possible while she pumps me, because at this level, it's pumping... The more she sucks me, the more I feel like I'm getting hard, it's incredible ! Her breasts in my hands, her mouth on my cock… I understand that she has so many clients.
She gets up to snog me again, I take this opportunity to take off his pants, I want to slip my hand between her thighs, I want to place my fingers on her pussy, in her pussy. While I kiss her, one of my hands grabs her breast while the other tickles her clitoris. I feel it swollen, her sex is wet...
I push her a little, I completely take off my pants and my shoes, I tell him to do the same, then I hold her against me again. she is hot, i mean she is really hot, her body is hot, her skin is warm.
I like her skin, I like to slide my fingers over her skin. My penis slipped quite naturally between her thighs, she makes small movements of the pelvis to masturbate me. A real pro this Mia !
I tell him to sit on the bar and spread his legs as wide as possible. I watch her do. I would even say that I admire him. She is sitting on the bar, open thighs, she puts her fingers in her mouth and places them on her penis to masturbate a little while looking at me… I savor this moment. I want to burn it in my memory.
Damn it's nice to see that...

I approach her leaning, i will lick it. I will put my tongue on her clit. I will taste her pussy, her wet and hot pussy, her pussy dripping slightly…
And I taste it. My hands are on her thighs, i love her thighs. Yes okay I love her whole body but I like to say it. So I love taking her thighs in my hands, they are firm and soft at the same time, they are awesome and exciting. What am I getting hard. What do I like the taste of her wet. What do I like to taste it… From time to time I press her thighs against my head to feel like imprisoned between them, then I push them away.
She is delicious…
I go up a little to suck her breasts, her good big generous breasts, I could spend my life sucking them, then I go back up again to kiss her full on the mouth, then I go back down on her breasts, then I go back down on her pussy… A hand on her thigh to squeeze her, the other hand on my cock to jerk off. My tongue slips between her lips...
OK, I don't care anymore, I want her.
I tell her to take a condom and follow me, I tell him to get on one of the high chairs at the bar, but before she gets back on her knees to suck me… Honestly I didn’t dare ask her, but I'm more than happy that she does it naturally. I take full advantage, I'm really enjoying it !
She puts the condom on my dick and sits on the chair, thighs apart. The chair is right at the right height, I will penetrate her. I will enter Mia. Well I've already entered her mouth, but enter her sex, it will be even stronger...
My penis is placed at the entrance of her pussy, I enter her. I wanted to take it slow, but it came on its own, at once, until the end.
I have the vache ! Damn it's too good !
I go and I come between his loins. I am fucking Mia, i am fucking with mia. I feel her body at the same time, I never have enough in my hands, I never have too many in my hands. Her body is so good...
She holds me by the neck, presses my forehead against hers while looking me in the eyes, even when she kisses me she looks me in the eye. It's so powerful ! I am hot. She is hot. I penetrate her gently, then suddenly, I change pace, I feel her thighs quiver from time to time, I take her breast, I feel her thigh, but i want her ass, i want to watch it, i want to touch it, I want to hold onto it...
I tell her to turn around, she tells me that she will do better than that and she gets down on all fours, ass stretched in the air, all I wanted… I stand behind her, I slap his ass, impossible to resist. It is so good and beautiful this ass. A real competitive butt. A callipyge, curved, round, tense, generous, Free…
I take it in my hands, I serve it, and I put my penis back in his. And there I don't even have time to start moving that she swings her buttocks back and forth. Mia is fucking me...

In my head it goes in all directions. I drop a "Fuck" so it's good.
And she says "yes, I am one !’’
No, but don't mess around, is it possible that a woman can excite as much as that ?
I'm not moving, I just keep her ass in my hands while she moves it along my cock. I tell him "You turn me on so much", she replies "it's not me, it's my ass !'' And her ass moves, it vibrates, he swings...
I can't take it anymore, I stop him from moving, i have to fuck her, I have to move, I will explode otherwise. I feel so powerful in her, she has a knack for making me feel male by being totally female.
I tell her I'm gonna squirt, I feel my cum boiling in my balls. It has to come out, it's too much !
She tells me '' get out and take off the condom, I want you to cum on my face''. I run in the second, I did not expect that, and yet I know she likes it from the number of pictures I've seen of her face covered in cum, and it suits him so well, she is radiant when she wears cum !
I wanted to jerk off to make me squirt, but I didn't have time, she took my cock in her hand and masturbated me directly. A little mouthful to finish me off, and I enjoy...
Damn what am I enjoying...
She rubs my cock on her face to spread my cum all over her, then she gobbles me up again, then she spreads, then she swallows me.
She has cum on her face, on the hands, in the mouth…
Wonderful. A work of art.
She smiles, she smiles all the time, she is beautiful…
We laugh a little, I don't know why but we're laughing, it's nice as a post-fuck moment. She gets up and goes to the bathroom of the bar, naked, I like to see her walking naked, especially from behind. She comes back with a clean face. We talk a bit. I thank her, I know it doesn't really happen, but i really want to say thank you !
We finish our drinks talking. I like its simplicity, his kindness, his openness. She is very interesting and very pleasant..

She I don't know, but I'm having a great time !

She ends up leaving, we kiss each other then we kiss on the mouth. I find it cute, after a sex party like the one we just had, a little cute is good too.

She told me she would consider coming back the next time she is in town. I don't know if she will, but i really hope so...

I still have this doubt, if i hadn't given him the money, would we have lived this great moment despite everything ?
Frankly, I don't care about the answer.

L’important, is that I met Mia More !!



I created a Manyvids account recently for those who want to see me in action with different partners.

I have to say that I practice cuckholding because it is not possible to say my job on this platform (american) due to Fosta/Sesta laws.

The cuckholding is a practice which consists when one is in couple to like to see his partner having relations with other men. These videos are therefore filmed for my so-called cuckold boyfriend 🙂


Good viewing!


Click here to open my Manyvids profile


The stranger on the train

I very often take the Paris Granville train, I always sit away from children, at a table where there are four seats. Last time you were sitting across the hall, I watched you out of the corner of my eye, and I feel like you are too. I was coming back from a very busy Parisian weekend, i felt the sex. Even more than usual.

How shy men are sometimes. I felt that you wanted me. It's my job to cause this in you. After an hour's journey, I've had it up to here, I want to. I know the toilets are giant on these trains…let's go! How to approach you? It would still be easier if you took the first step but you don't seem decided and I soak my panties imagining how you're going to take me.

Well I'm leaving, I get up and sit down in front of you.

I notice a wedding ring on your ring finger. It excites me even more. As I often say it is not because there is a goalkeeper that we cannot score!

“Bonjour, I wanted to tell you that I've been watching you for a while now and I want you”

Yes I am a very cash person. Those who know me know. Too cash sometimes, Short, make or break at worst I sit back in my seat like a dog being yelled at because he smashed the foam on the sofa.

You blush and look down at your wedding ring. I spread the edges of my cleavage a little towards my pink nipples and hardened by the excitement of such a situation. I feel like you're going to pass out, fortunately you are already seated!

Then you stutter “uh bah uh how so? I can do anything for you?”

Aaaaaah the sesame is open, I jump in my seat, my clit wiggles in my already soaked panties…

“well yes we could go for a walk to the toilet?”

You look in the rest of the car,there is nobody, no one will witness…


30 seconds of silence, I gently go up my pumps along your leg, you give in very quickly I don't have time to get to the knee you tell me “OK, let's go”

Here we are in the toilet, a lady saw us go home but hey we weren't going to turn around because of her! You kiss me passionately and I put a condom directly on your red and hard glans. Your cock is beautiful too! Good pick! Very wide and not too long as I like.

“Fuck me like a female dog in a train toilet”

“Rholala but am I dreaming or what”

No you are not dreaming, it's really me in the flesh who offers you my vulva doggy style with my hands resting on the sink, I'm trembling with impatience.

You finally come inside me and get high as I like but the excitement is very strong and our relationship only lasts a few minutes…you cum inside me with spasms and a little roar from the bottom of the balls.

We will sit down quietly. I ask you where you get off. turn. I couldn't have dreamed of better, we still have more than an hour to go!

As I hoped after 30 minutes it's your turn to come to me. “we go back?”

no problem kitten, I'm a whore I have an unlimited stock of condoms!

This time it's longer, you lick me and I suck you, i love your cock, your wife is lucky.

We end up missionary on the ground, I know it's a bit gross but I didn't lick the floor either!!!

I don't have your name, or your number, I hope to see you again one day…at least you won't be shy anymore…



Without saying a word

A scenario that I particularly like is that of silence.

I'm waiting for you on the bed doggy style…

I hear you coming, you pass in front of my ajar bedroom door…this vision of your forgotten dreams returns…a game of mirrors lets me see you, exchange sulphurous glances.

You're going to wash your hands in the bathroom where you also put a condom on your cock that the sight of my ass as an offering on the bed has hardened…

You come to my room, swings the bills at me and penetrates me wildly. I moan…You cum very fast, it's so exciting.

You put your pants back on and leave as you arrived, silently.

It was your lunch break, you go back to work with stars in your eyes.